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Welcome to 10 Minute Speed Oil Change Center
10 Minute Speed Oil Change Center has served Oakland, El Cerrito, Hegenberger, San Jose, Santa Clara, Union City, and Sunnyvale for over 20 years.

We specialize in preventive maintenance services for your vehicle no appointment needed and our convenient drive-thru service makes car care easy and stress-free. State of the art facilities, highly trained technicians, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee set us apart. Come visit so we can show you what great service is all about.
Why Change Your Engine Oil?   What is a Radiator Flush and Fill Service?   What Change Automatic (or Manual) Transmission Fluid?
Engine oil gets contaminated by substances like dust, metallic shavings and even antifreeze.
And did you know that the additive package, which is part of your fully formulated motor oil, will break down in time and become a contaminant, too? Click to learn more...
  Contanminated engine coolant will not protect the metal surfaces of the radiator, heater core and engine block against rust, corrosion &
radiator boil-over.
Click to learn more...
  Your transmission gets a tremendous amount of wear and tear even under normal driving conditions. Think of how many times your transmission shifts in even a short drive. Now multiply that by the thousands of miles you drive every year. Click to learn more...
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10 Minute Speed Oil Change Center  
Oakland :  510-985-1010
El Cerrito : 510-524-4203
Oakland Airport : 510-553-0800
Union City : 510-441-8162
Santa Clara : 408-551-0000
San Jose : 408-266-6999
Sunnyvale : 408-733-3777
E-mail : info@speedoilchangecenter.com  
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